Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Nails Lacquer Swatches/Review!

Hey everyone! Today I have 8 awesome polishes from the indie brand Super Nails Lacquer, These are some gorgeous Halloween inspired polishes, so lets get straight into it!

Candy Corn; 2 coats plus top coat

"White polish base with white, orange and yellow triangles"

I thought this one was super unique, I can't recall ever seeing a candy corn polish like this! The only issue I notices was I think the white base is a little to opaque, and it seems to hide the glitters a little bit. 

 Go With The Glow; 1 coat over L.A. Colors - Electra plus top coat

"Glow in the Dark and Black Light Reactive! Translucent polish base with black and coral circles, and teal and lime green hexes of the same size. There is also micro lime green, black and glow in the dark micro glitters"

I really enjoyed this one, I loved the color combo, it was so out of the ordinary for Halloween, but worked so well. And it glows amazingly! 

 Witch Way To The Milky Way; 2 coats plus top coat

"Shimmering Purple base with black stars and holographic silver and black hex and square glitters of all sizes"

I found this one to be very unique also, I loved the shimmery purple base, with all of the beautiful glitters in it. It worked great.

Trick Or Treat; 1 coat over Wet n Wild - Black Creme plus top coat

"Black Crelly with Orange squares and Stars, Lime Green hexes and Stars, and Purple diamonds and Skulls"

This was one of my favorites! It is in a black crelly base, but I wanted to showcase the glitters in it more, so I chose to put it over black. I loved the glitters in it so much!

Pirates Booty; 1 coat over Sinful Colors - Citrine plus top coat

"Clear polish base with red, pink, orange, yellow, and black glitters of all shapes and sizes, as well as holographic gold coins (circles) and red skulls"

This is another favorite! I think it looks great over the orange and I love the pink glitters in it, along with the large large holo circles. But the skulls really made it great!

Halloween Mouse; 1 coat over Sinful Colors  Tempest plus top coat

"Clear polish base with purple shreds, orange shreds, lime green holo hexes, black shreds and black Minnie Mouse heads"

I'm 100% sure this was my favorite! I absolutely love glitter shreds, the colors worked so well, and the Minnie Mouse heads were so freaking adorable!

Alien Encounter; 1 coat over Sally Hansen - Blue Blood plus top coat

"Clear Polish base with micro green shimmer glitter, green moons and stars, and holo lime green hexes"

This one is gorgeous. I struggled to think of a base to put it over to showcase the beauty of it. I didn't want it over green or black. And then it hit me, dark blue! I think it turned out great and you can easily tell the two colors apart to show it's beauty!

Black Widow; 2 coats over Wet n Wild - Black Creme plus top coat

"Black Duo Chrome (Mostly Red-hints of Brown-hints of Purple) polish base with red triangles for the black widow hourglass shaped marking"

This one is unique also, but I also struggled with what to put this over. I first tried it on it's own, and I think I was off my application game last night because I just made my nails a bumpy mess. Then I tried it over dark grey, and I wasn't feeling it. Then I decided to do it over black. Now, doing it over black really made the colors pop! I loved it. 

Overall, I'm loving these polishes, and Super Nails Lacquer! This was my first time trying them and I'm impressed. Also, KC of Super Nails Lacquer is so sweet! After she sent me the polishes I had gotten sick, it wasn't just a normal sick either. It affected my hands so I couldn't swatch or anything. She completely understood and would check up on me. Definitely a winner in my book. I can see myself ordering from them in the future. Go ahead and check them out on social media, links are below!!!

5ml - $3.99
15ml - $8.99

Instagram @kseagale

Samples were sent for honest review. All opinions are my own, for more information please see my disclosure policy.

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