Saturday, January 5, 2013

L.A. Girl Magnetic polish!

Soooo I was out shopping today and I went into the Dollar General, and seen a display of L.A. Girl Magnetic polishes. I've never tried any magnetic polish before, they've always been too expensive for my taste. I'm a cheapy most of the time with nail polish :p. But I had money left over from Christmas, and they were only $4.00 each! I've never seen a magnetic polish under 8-9 bucks! They had 4 different colors in the display so after taking a few moments to debate which colors to get, I grabbed all 4! And here are some pictures of them, and then the swatches! 2 of the polishes worked amazingly for me, 2 others did not, but I'm going to try one of the other magnets with them sometime.

Left-Right, Polar Opposite, Magnetized, Magnetic Force, and Attract.

 The magnetic shapes they each had.

First up is one of my two favorites, Magnetic Force

Next favorite is Attract

Now for the two that wouldn't cooperate! First is Polar Opposite

And lastly, Magnetized

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. I'm hoping for the 2 that wouldn't work good will work better with other magnets, if not, atleast the color by itself is pretty :D. Hope ya'll enjoyed :).