Tuesday, January 1, 2013

3-Day Mega Hual!

So, I went on a 3 day nail polish shopping binge because I haven't actually bought any in what seems like forever! I went to USA Drug (local pharmacy/store) Walmart, Walgreen's (had a 30 dollar gift card to use thanks to my step brother and step sister!) And lastly I went to Big Lots. I got some pretty good deals on some things, and paid regular price for others, I will be listing what I paid for everything. So instead of just rambling (I'm good at it) I'll get to the pictures!

 (Walgreens Haul) I stumbled upon the entire (I think) collection of Sinful Colors Haute Rebel. Names left-right Rain Storm, Beau Khaki, Inkwell, Cool Gray, Mesmerize, Ardoise, Smokin, and Mauve. In my next blog post I will be doing swatches of this entire collection :)
And these all are $1.99 Each.

(Walgreens Haul) Left-Right
Wet N Wild - Clear $0.99, Wet N Wild - Eggplant Frost $0.99, Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue $1.99, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Buttercup $1.98 (clearance), Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect - Sea $1.49 (clearance), Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect - Air $1.49 (clearance), and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Tough Love $0.99 (clearance)

(Big Lots Haul) Left-Right
Sally Hansen Nail SHine Miracle - Lustrous $1.50, Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear - In The Navy $1.50, and CoverGirl Sparkling Topcoat - Goddess $2.00.

(USA Drug Haul) Left-Right
Jordana Polishes in; Mango, Pink Shock, Pink Bunny, and Creamy Fuchsia $1.29 each

(USA Drug Haul) Left-Right
Wet N Wild Wild Shine in; Burgundy Frost, Frosted Fuchsia, Sunny Side Up, and Bijou Blue $0.99 each.
Wet N Wild Megalast in; Disturbia, and On A Trip $1.99 each.

(USA Drug Haul) Left-Right
Loreal - Tweet Me $2.75 (clearance), Revlon - Hot For Chocolate $2.49 (clearance) , LA Colors Fiber Strong Basecoat $0.55 (clearance), and Color Mates - Winey The Pooh $0.25 (clearance).

(USA Drug Haul) NutraNail Gel Perfect - Torenia $4.50 (clearance). Now I personally didn't want to try this, mainly because I can't stand wearing the same polish for awhile, and I've heard soooo many mixed reviews about this. But, my mom wanted to try it, so I picked it up to use on her.

And Finally, my Wal-Mart Haul. This only included some polish remover, pads, and a topcoat.
Polish remover with and without acetone $1.49 each, Cotton Rounds $2.08. and Sally Hansen Insta Dry Topcoat $3.97.

And that concludes my 3 day mega haul! I hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did :). Now it's time for swatching, and working on my next blog post for the entire collection of Sinful Colors Haute Rebel :D. See ya later!!! And Happy New Year, hope it was amazing for you!!!!

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