Monday, January 21, 2013

LA Colors Review Part 1

I'm going to review some of my LA Colors polishes here. Now I'm only doing 11 polishes in this post, but there will be more posts, because I have 75 of their polishes. And I will be receiving some more of their polishes soon. So I have 11 colors to show you today, so lets get started!

 First up we have Delicate. Beautiful light pink creme.

Next we have Daisy. Gorgeous pastel yellow.

Next is Deluxe. Gorgeous gold color. Almost seems to try to a suede finish!

Next is Lost Soul, beautiful light grey with mild shimmer in it.

Next is Meadow, lovely mint blue/green color.

Then we have Outrageous.

Then we have Razzle, gorgeous shimmer purple. Almost seems to try to a suede finish!

Then we have Reckless, gorgeous medium purple creme.

Next is Tangerine, extreme neon orange, camera would not capture the true color!

Then we have Drama, gorgeous fuchsia with purple shimmer.

And lastly we have Bloom, neon pink/peachy color. Camera would not capture the true color!

Now, you can find LA Colors polishes at Dollar Tree's, Dollar Generals, Freds, and on They range from $1.00-$1.99. I personally loooooove these polishes, they work great for me. They usually take 2-3 coats, but they dry super fast. And the colors are gorgeous, and they have a huge range of colors from nudes to neons and everything in between! Hope you enjoyed this, there will be more posts over this brand in the near future!


  1. You've been busy, lady! How's Daisy's formula? Good yellows are hard to come by.

    1. First 2 coats are streaky, but by the 3rd coat its good! S pretty to!

  2. love Lost Soul. Such a pretty light greyish color! Good alternative to a bright white.

  3. Where did you find so many colors? I can't find these anywhere. :(

  4. Do you know of any mint green Polish with shimmer, instead of glitter? The closest I've found is LA Colors Spring Frost, but it's too sheer and too bright. Zoya Dillon is close, but it's a little too blue and more glittery.