Monday, July 15, 2013

Pinkey Nails Art Review!

Hey ya'll! Today I have some nail art items from Pinkey Nails to show you! I was sent a little bag full of different Fimo Slices, and I decided to make a *fruit cocktail* from the fruit Fimo Slices! This was my first time using them, so bare with me, hopefully I will get better with it in time!

As I stated before this was my first time using Fimo Slices. But I love them, they are just so cute!!! The only problems I was having is getting them to stay down! But I found using a pair of tweezers to hold them into place for about 30 seconds helps, along with a lot of topcoat! I wasn't quite sure how to go about doing a design for this, so I kind of just used coordinating colors to make polka dots to the fruit slices! I think it came out kinda cute overall! Don't forget to check out Pinkey Nails Facebook Page, and Etsy Store (however, she is currently on vacation, but check back!)!!