Monday, February 11, 2013

L.A. Girl Rock Star Nail Lacquer review/swatches

Hello you lovely awesome people! Today I have a review over a L.A. Girl polish. This one is from their Rock Star Nail Lacquer line. The name of this polish is Overdose, it is a gorgeous glitter polish :). I have a ton of pics for this polish, one by itself, then swatched over another color, then with and without flash! I won't be naming the color I have it over because I will be doing a separate review over it, but I think these two colors were made for each other!

Bottle shot of Overdose!

Overdose has blue/pink/and silver micro glitter in a clear base!
2 coats by itself!

Now, Overdose on top of another (gorgeous) color! With flash here

Now without flash!

I can't describe how much I am in love with this polish+combo. It is so amazingly gorgeous! As always, the polish went on smoothly, I didn't have any problems with it. Dried pretty quickly also! Well, that's all for today, and don't worry, when I do my next L.A. Girl polish review, I'll name the polish I used with this combo so you can see how gorgeous it is also! Hope you enjoyed this, until next time! <3