Sunday, February 3, 2013

LA Colors Polish+Remover Pads Review!

Hellllllllo everyone!! Today I have 2 polishes, and some remover pads to review for you!! The polishes names are, Jungle Fever, and Splash. I also have 2 sets of Remover Pads by LA Colors, the scents are Mango, and Lemon. So lets get the review going, shall we?!

First up is Jungle Fever, took 2 coats to be opaque, went on smoothly like always! Jungle Fever is a darker teal with more green than blue in it.

Then we have Splash, took 3 thin coats to get it opaque. Splash is a medium ocean blue to me.

And lastly I have a photo or what the remover pads look like. Sorry, I didn't even think about taking a picture of using the pads or anything!

So once again, overall, I loved the polishes :p. Betcha didn't expect that huh?! Now, onto how I feel about the remover pads. To me, they left my hands a bit greasy, but after that soaked into my skin, my cuticles looked very hydrated, which is a good thing! I also think these would be great for kids because they don't contain Acetone in them! It took me about 2 pads per hand, the pads are also super thin. They smell absolutely amazing!!! The lemon scented one smells exactly like lemons, and the melon scented one smelled just like cantaloupe melons, which I love!!! I would highly recommend carrying these in your purse! Hope ya'll enjoyed this. Until next time <3


  1. I felt the same way about the remover pads. They smell amazing but make my hands feel really greasy but also make my cuticles look amazing. It's so odd.

  2. i almost bought soem of the remover pads while i was out yesterday, but then thought better of it sincei could get a full bottle of remover for the same price and get more use out of it haha. :) good to know they're good though if i ever do decide to grab one!

    1. I hope you like them if you ever pick them up!

    2. i think i might grab some one of these days and put them up for when my niece is over, she's always in my polish and she gets an entire brand new bottle of polish and by time she leaves the whole things gone (drives me crazy) haha, so I could just give her the remover pads to use.

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  4. o0o0o I love Jungle Fever!! Such a great colour!! I really need to get my hands on some La Colours!! Everyone seems to use them, they must be good!! Very cute blog dear :)

  5. Gorgeous color :) And I like their remover pads too, I buy them for my 11 y/o because it makes me so nervous to hand her a bottle of acetone lol.