Friday, February 1, 2013

LA Girl Polka Dot Nail Art Collection Review!

I received a LA Girl Polka Dot Nail Art Collection to review. It has 3 mini 4.5ml bottles of polish in it, and a dotting tool! These retail for around 4 dollars, and I've seen them at Dollar Generals before. My kit had black, white and a pink polish in it.
Here is a photo of what it looks like

A closer up photo of the contents

The polish applied smoothly, only took 2 coats to be perfectly opaque.

And here are the polka dot designs I created from it!

My favorite nails were my thumb and ring finger. I loved how all the colors mixed on my thumb, looks kind of abstract to me. And on my ring finger, well the colors just go so well over the white!

I really did like this little kit, the polish dried quickly, went on smoothly, it was opaque, and well, just looked really cute! I really want to find the black and white polish in full bottles! It was truly amazing application for those colors, and I know it can sometimes be tricky finding a good black and white polish, but this did the trick! And yes, the pink even applied great! Hope you enjoyed this :). Until next time <3


  1. I actually REALLY love this. Great job!

  2. Wow! I love it and you did a great job! My favs are the ones you said, but I like them all!! :)

  3. I am going to have to start shopping at your store! You find all the cool stuff! Dang! I would love to find this set in OHIO. Thank you!!!

  4. Ooooo, great job! I love those colors together too :)

  5. I've nominated you for an award! (two actually)