Wednesday, February 27, 2013

L.A. Girl Fruity Review/Swatches

Hello all!! Today I have a L.A. Girl polish for you from their Fruity Scented Nail Polish! The scent I received is Blueberry Fizz (yummy). Lets get to the swatches then I'll talk more about this :).

Bottle shot! Isn't it pretty?! Blueberry Fizz is a gorgeous medium blue polish, that has light blue and very light purple shimmer in it!
Now the swatches of Blueberry Fizz! Without flash.

 With flash.

Now, I know what the first question will be, does it actually smell like blueberries?!?! YES! It really smells like blueberries! (at least I think so). Application was amazing, 2 coats and it was perfectly opaque, dried quickly. And the best part, you can still smell the blueberry after you put on a topcoat!! I would love to get my hands on more of these! So, would you buy this?! Let me know! Hope you enjoyed this, until next time <3


  1. Interesting....if there is a raspberry or mango I might buy this...depending on the color of course

    1. The scents they have are; Sparkling Peach, Zesty Citrus, Tropical Mango, Blueberry Fizz, Watermelon Splash, Strawberry Delight, Razzle Raspberry, and Blissful Blackberry!
      You can check and to purchase them!