Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wet n Wild Street Art Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! I recently found the new Wet n Wild Street Art collection, which contains 6 nail polishes, so lets get straight into the swatches!

First up we have  Get Lucky; 2 coats plus topcoat

The we have Too Hot For You; 2 coats plus topcoat. It's more of an orangy-red

 Then we have Deception; 3 coats plus topcoat. My lord...where do I start with this one, I HATE it, it was runny, way to sheer. Even with 3 coats you can easily see my nail line. If you even wanted to wear this I would suggest putting it over white, even then I don't know if I would like it. If I wasn't such a collection whore I would throw it away. 

 Then we have Cursed; 3 coats plus topcoat. Application of this one was a lot better than Deception, even though I still used 3 coats, it wasn't super runny. 

 *My fave!* Here Comes Trouble; 2 coats plus topcoat. I just loooove it. I'm so obsessed with blues.

 And last but not least we have Temptation; 2 coats plus topcoat.

So overall I like the collection...minus Deception *shivers*. You can't beat the price, $0.99cents in most places. However, I do feel like I probably have a ton of dupes for each of these colors :/. Oh well! Let me know what you think of these in the comments below!!!


  1. I've been wanting that blue one and the green. I think this collection has a green too if I'm not mistaken. And I just couldn't stop laughing about the being a collection whore. Nice job!

  2. Wow, That's such a shame the purple was so bad :/ The actual color is very pretty! And LOLZ (Collection Whore <3) Great swatches though!

  3. I love the purple. I'll still b on the search for it. What topcoat do you use.

  4. Just a heads up deception and cursed are jelly polishes, they are meant to be seen through. They are great for layering and are typically used with glitters and such to sandwich over and between. Wearing deception right now, reminds me of a gummy bear.