Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cutting Edge Nails Review/Swatches

Hey ya'll! Today I have 3 polishes from Cutting Edge Nails to show you! I'll describe each polish and everything before photo's of each one!

First up we have Frozen (1 coat over black)
Frozen is a topcoat that has small snowflakes, blue dots,  micro blue and silver glitters, and diamond holographic glitters in it!

Next we have Pumpkin Spice (matte polish), 2 coats.
Pumpkin Spice is an orange (obviously hehe), with a small amount of micro silver and brown glitters

Note; This will be added back into Cutting Edge Nails Etsy store, but there are only a few bottles left!

And last but not least, we have Darkest Love, 2 coats.
Darkest Love is a gorgeous pink with hella micro silver glitters, square hot pink matte glitters, and black and pink hearts!

Overall Thoughts?!

Frozen; gorgeous glitter topper, looks amazing over black and other colors which you can see on Cutting Edge Nails Etsy Shop, only issue was that it was a tad bit thick, which wasn't really a problem. And I had to fish a little for the snowflake glitters, which is normally typical for larger glitter.

Pumpkin Spice; Love! I love pumpkin so this was a winner for me, and it reminded me of pumpkins. Application was great, dry time was good, and I loved it being matte!

Darkest Love; I think this one was my favorite, the pink is so gorgeous! I loved the hearts in them, which I had to fish for a bit, but no biggie, it was so worth it! It dried fast also :).