Thursday, June 19, 2014

New L.A. Colors Nail Polishes Release Date!

Hey everyone! So I know all of you have been waiting to know when the new L.A. Colors polishes will be releasing, and I'm here to tell you when! Are you excited?!?!?

Now, from my understanding not all colors will be released, I'm not sure which ones will or won't be. Sorry! 

But they are set to be released in July in the following stores;

Dollar tree
Family Dollar
and Dollar General

Here's links to all of the new colors I swatched for you! Let me know your favorites and what ones you hope to find in stores in the comments below!!

 L.A. Colors Part 1
 L.A. Colors Part 2
 L.A. Colors Part 3
 L.A. Colors Part 4
 L.A. Colors Part 5
 L.A. Colors Part 6

I hope you all love these as much as I do. I was super impressed by them, the application is great, dry time is great, and the color outcome is fabulous. I just love the range of colors there are, and also, at most stores they are $1.00, so you can't beat that!! Don't forget to let me know what ones are your favorites in the comments below! Happy polishing/shopping! 

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