Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cutting Edge Nails Review/Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I have 3 nail polishes from Cutting Edge Nails to show you. I have actually had these polishes for awhile, but unfortunately life happened and everything has went on the back burner. Sara from Cutting Edge Nails is a good friend of mine and she completely understood, so I thank her so much for that. Now onto the polishes!!!

Stars In The Sky; A light blue jelly polish filled with stars, tinsel, and green moons
2 coats plus topcoat. 

Hot Heels; A neon yellow with a small amount of holo dust in it
2 coats over white plus topcoat. 

Glow Worm; Neon yellow filled with black and white hex glitters, black bars, and white donut glitters.
1 coat over white plus topcoat

Stars In The Sky; Gorgeous, it isn't to over powering, I love the jelly feel to it, and the stars in it are so cute. I really think of the sky when I seen it.

Hot Heels; I love the neon yellow! And I loved the holo glitters in it, made it so unique to me. 

Glow Bug; I love the colors of this one, however, it was almost to thick to work with. And when I say thick, I think it just had so many glitters in it. This is why I opted to wear 1 coat of it over white. I didn't need the white to make it opaque or see the true color of it. I did it over white so it wouldn't become as thick. If I had thinner I bet it would have made it perfect, but I have yet to ever buy thinner haha. 

But nonetheless, I still love these polishes, application for the other two were perfect! 

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