Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cutting Edge Nails...Review/Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I have 4 new polishes from Cutting Edge Nails to show you!! I won't bore you with my ramble so lets get straight into it!

First up we have Millard, 1 coat over black.

 "Millard is a clear base polish with micro iridescent glitters"

 Next we have Olive, 3 thin coats by itself, with topcoat. 

"Olive is a sky blue polish with a mix of glitters it in"

 Then we have I <3 Irish Men, 3 thin coats by itself plus topcoat.

"I <3 Irish Men is a light green base with pink hearts, green shamrocks, and various size green/gold/silver glitters"

And last but not least we have Irish Pub, 3 thin coats by itself plus topcoat.

 "Irish Pub is a shimmer green with spots of pigment in it, this is a great polish for anyone who loves anything different. The pigment is a dark green pigment and  gives the polish a look of little bumps, but is flat."

These polishes are so unique! And I love the St.Patty's themed one, since I'm part irish hehe. Application of them were great, I had to do a little fishing for the hearts and shamrocks in I <3 Irish Men, but that wasn't a problem for me. What do ya'll think about these?! Let me know in the comments! Wanna purchase any of these? I'll leave the info down below!

Where to buy;

Mini size $3.00
Full size $6.00

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  1. Love these especially the Irish set babygirl ;) awesome Job !!