Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cutting Edge Nails Reviews/Swatches!

Hey everyone! Today I have 4 polishes from Cutting Edge Nails to show you, and let me warn you, they are gorgeous! However, two of them DO have holo shimmers in them, but, the sun refused to come out and play with me. So this post will be either updated when I get photo's in the sun, or my Facebook page will be.
Now, enough of my rambling....onto the swatches! *plays music*

First up we have Love Zap; 1 coat over black. Ughhhh I am so in love with this! I can't describe my feelings towards it.

"Love Zap is a top coat with many neon colored glitters, it also has neon hearts in it in yellow and neon green, this polish has several size holo glitters in it also"

Then we have Pug Ugly; Nothing ugly about this! Hehe, this is 2 coats by itself. This is one of the polishes that has holo shimmer in it. Pic coming soon! Well, when the sun decides to cooperate!

"Pug Ugly is a bronze polish, with holographic glitter in it"

Then we have Iris; 3 coats alone. This polish is in the discounted section of Cutting Edge Nails store due to sinking glitter. I did not have any issues with it after shaking a little bit. I will link the discounted section of her store down below. Also, this is the other polish I couldn't catch the holo in due to the sun being a meany head. 

"Iris is a purple holographic polish, it has dark purple micro glitters in it. Sadly the micro glitters sink, so this polish is in the discount section of the store, however with a little shake of the bottle the glitters will mix fine."

And last but not least we have Playboy; 1 coat over medium grey. Right now, Cutting Edge Nails is looking for a different bottle to put this polish in, as it is hard to get the bunnies out. I, however, used a toothpick to get this lil guy out! Isn't it just gorgeous though?!

"Playboy is a 5ml bottle (mini). This polish has silver medium hex glitters, black mix shards , pink small hex glitters, glow in the dark stars , micro iridescent glitters, and little bunny glitters in it, the bunny glitters seem to be a little hard to get out of the bottle, but other then that this is a great polish topper, its very bright, and a fun topper for any one this is a 5 free polish."

So once again, I love Cutting Edge Nails polishes! They are so gorgeous and unique to me., What did you think about these? Let me know down below in the comments! Also, Don't forget to check out Cutting Edge Nails links below!

Samples were sent for a honest review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy!

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  1. Love Zap does look fab! I'd love to see it layered over other colours too. I'll have to check if they do UK delivery. Thanks for sharing x