Monday, June 17, 2013

Pinkey Nails Nail Art Review!

Hey ya'll! Today I have some Flocking Powder from Pinkey Nails to show you! The flocking powder she sent me to review was hot pink! Here is what it looks like
It was a sample bag so I only did an accent nail with it. I chose to use Pure Ice - Flirt Alert as my base color

 Up close and personal! Hehe.
This was the only flocking powder I've ever used, and in my opinion it was fine. It's a very different type of nail art, but I think it's fun to do on an accent nail, it kind of makes people take a second look at your nails! I really did like the feel of it on my nail! Don't forget to check out Pinkey Nails Facebook Page, and Etsy Store!

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