Saturday, May 4, 2013

L.A Colors and L.A. Girl Makeup Review/Swatches

Hello lovelies! Today I have 2 lipsticks by L.A. Colors, and 1 mascara from L.A. Girl to show ya'll! So lets get started!!!

First up we have L.A. Colors lipstick in LIPC16 Wild Child

Next is L.A. Colors lipstick in  LIPC42 Mauvelous

 Here are both of them swatched on my arm.
Next we have L.A. Girl Blooming Lash Mascara in GMS625 Very Black
Here is my right eye with the mascara on. 
Left eye
Full Face with the L.A. Girl Blooming Lash Mascara, and L.A. Colors lipstick in LIPC16 Wild Child

So, I loved the lipsticks, they went on smooth, and didn't irritate my lips like most lip products do! I really liked the mascara also. It didn't over power my eyes, and it didn't cake onto my eyes, it gave a nice subtle look! Hope you enjoyed this! Until next time <3

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