Friday, November 30, 2012

Pure Ice Party Glam Swatches Part 2!

I'm back with the rest of the swatches from the Party Glam Collection!

First off we have Get Low. Gorgeous gold color! But I think this is one of Pure Ice's old colors just renamed. I'll have to do a comparison post about it!

Next we have Face Time, a gorgeous light shimmery blue.

Next we have After Hours, on my ring finger I have Pure Ice - Face Time as the base color

Next is, Seduce Me, on my ring finger I have Jordana - Black as my base color

And last, but certainly not least we have Booty Call, I have Pure Ice - Jamaica Me Crazy as my base color

And there they are, in all their glory! The entire collection of Party Glam from Pure Ice. I loved them all, however, I would not wear them alone, a base color would be a must for me. But application was pretty good, and I was impressed by this collection!


  1. I'm liking these! I'm hearing about the brand all over. I need to get to Walmart and pick some up once I"m off my no buy!

  2. I've only seen them at one Wal-Mart near me so far, and it was mostly picked through already! I picked up Temptress from the Velour collection of theirs and it's beautiful. Along with Getting Beautiful from the Metro Chic collection!

  3. I like face time.I will have to see if the walmart in my area has it.