Thursday, November 29, 2012

First post!

So hello everyone! I decided to make a  nail polish blog finally, how well this will turn out I don't know! So bare with me please haha. I'm still getting use to this layout, and how to do things!  So lets see, I created this blog, or well, will be in the process of, because I have a huuuuuge obsession/addiction with nail polish. Now when I was younger I enjoyed anything that had to do with makeup/nail polish. I even planned to go to Cosmetology School, but decided to instead get a degree in Environmental/Occupational Safety and Health Technology which I am still slowly working on. Now, these two things are nowhere near close together. So how I ended up going for OSHA I'm not sure of. Anywho, back to the polish! Now as I said, I loved it as a child and then basically forgot about it. Well, late last year of 2011 I seen Sally Hansen crackle polish, and that is where the obsession began again. So, since the beginning of this year I had maybe 10 olllllllld bottles of polish, and now, I have almost 400. Wowzers! And I usually just post all the designs and polish swatches on my Facebook, but I decided I will attempt doing it with blogging! So bare with me please! Sorry for this long intro!

PS. I'll try to be postings some pictures of my polish later tonight hopefully!

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