Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LA Colors - Candy Sprinkles Swatches and Review!

So today I have another LA Colors post for you. But it will only be over 1 polish, but to me this one polish is simply amazing! The name of it is Candy Sprinkles, and I think it's pretty accurate! This is what I like to call a party on your nails! So here is a bottle shot, and then the swatches!

Gorgeous huh?!?! Now onto swatches!

Here's one with no flash, just natural light

Now, to explain the gorgeousness of this polish! It's in a light pink base color, and has large yellow, white/silver, pink, and green glitters in it. And it has micro red, blue, white/silver, and green glitters in it. And perhaps more than my eyes will allow me to see! Overall, I freaking loooooove this! Like I said earlier, it's a party on your nails!  So what are your thoughts on it?!?! Oh, and it is 2 coats of it in the photos above :)


  1. Nice blog! will you follow mine too?

  2. I'm going to join yours and will you please join mine at I'll tweet this for you every once in a while as well. Thank you! and your really doing so good with everything since you first started. LOL

  3. Replies
    1. They sent it to me, but Dollar General may have it? Everyone I've looked at doesn't have it anymore. I'm gonna start looking more because now I wanna put one in the giveaway!

  4. I didn't see it at either dollar store, or big lots. I surely would have grabbed that one. lol

  5. Wow! Love this color!! I will definitely have to scoure my dollar store for it :)

  6. I love this one! My dollar tree didn't have it either but I found it on cherryculture .com

  7. Somewhat reminds me of candy shop by DL

  8. Found it today at Family Dollar