Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jordana Texture Glitter Nail Polish Review/Swatches

Hey ya'll! Last week sometime I ordered some new textured polish I seen on Cherry Culture. It's the Jordana Texture Glitter polish. As you may know, I am obsessed with texture polish, and they were having a sale or something going so I couldn't pass it up! So let's get straight into the swatches!!

First up we have White Diamonds, 2 coats.

Then we have Purple Quartz, 2 coats.

Then we have Silk Stone, 2 coats.

Then we have Light Amethyst, 2 coats.

Next is Pink Toumaline, 2 coats.

And last but not least we have Blue Topaz, 2 coats,

Overall Thoughts;
I love these! But I swear I love any texture polish. I loved the color range on these, they were lighter than most I have seen. I love the glitters in them, they even dried pretty fast! I really hope Jordana keeps coming out with textured polishes! What do ya'll think of these? Let me know in the comments!! Don't forget to check out Jordana's Facebook Page, Cherry Culture's Facebook Page, and!!!

Where to buy?
I bought these from Here

I paid $2.99 for these online.


  1. I just bought the bright ones (purple, pink and blue) but wish I'd seen your swatches before (I ordered last week) cause maybe I would have grabbed another shade. glad these are so pretty! Love textured glitter :)

  2. Thanks for these reviews! I just received Purple Quartz from Cherry Culture and it's now one of my favorite polishes. That's saying a lot for it with a collection of over 300. It's really that pretty of a polish. Lovely shimmer and texture that isn't over the top.

  3. No no no! These are too pretty to pass up, but I have so many polishes now. I mean a lot.

    OK, if I could get them for a $1 then I would buy all of them, needed or not.