Friday, November 30, 2012

Pure Ice Party Glam Swatches Part 2!

I'm back with the rest of the swatches from the Party Glam Collection!

First off we have Get Low. Gorgeous gold color! But I think this is one of Pure Ice's old colors just renamed. I'll have to do a comparison post about it!

Next we have Face Time, a gorgeous light shimmery blue.

Next we have After Hours, on my ring finger I have Pure Ice - Face Time as the base color

Next is, Seduce Me, on my ring finger I have Jordana - Black as my base color

And last, but certainly not least we have Booty Call, I have Pure Ice - Jamaica Me Crazy as my base color

And there they are, in all their glory! The entire collection of Party Glam from Pure Ice. I loved them all, however, I would not wear them alone, a base color would be a must for me. But application was pretty good, and I was impressed by this collection!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pure Ice Party Glam Swatches Part 1

And here I have 6 swatches of the Glam Collection, all together there are 11, but I have 6 done for you so far!

Starting off we have Sexy Mama, and on my ring finger the base color is Pure Ice - Get Low, from the same collection.

Next we have Turn It Up, and on my ring finger the base color is Sinful Colors - Happy Ending

 Next we have Call Me! and on my ring finger the base color is Pure Ice - Iced Copper

 Next up we have Get On Top, and on my ring finger the base color is Pure Ice - No Means No

Next we have Stop Flirtin, and on my ring finger the base color is Pure Ice - Face Time! Which is also in the collection

And last for the night we have Stop And Stare, this one I didn't try with a color on my ring finger.
All of these had 2 coats each and no top coat. I did have to *dab* the glitters on at first to get them where I wanted, but that was only with the first coat. And, on my ring finger, where I had a base color, the glitters went on perfectly, I didn't have to dab them on at all!
Thanks for reading, have a great night everyone! <3

Pure Ice Giveaway Prize!

So I thought this would be a good post for me to share. I recently won one of Pure Ice's Runway Collections from a contest Friday the 23rd and I received it in the mail today!!. And for my prize I chose the Party Glam Collection.  Here is a picture from their website of what the collection looks like.

Names from left to right; Sexy Mama, Turn It Up, Call Me!, Get On Top, Stop Flirtin, Stop And Stare, Get Low(didn't have the name on the bottle?) Face Time, After Hours, Seduce Me, and Booty Call.

Swatches to come later tonight!!

First post!

So hello everyone! I decided to make a  nail polish blog finally, how well this will turn out I don't know! So bare with me please haha. I'm still getting use to this layout, and how to do things!  So lets see, I created this blog, or well, will be in the process of, because I have a huuuuuge obsession/addiction with nail polish. Now when I was younger I enjoyed anything that had to do with makeup/nail polish. I even planned to go to Cosmetology School, but decided to instead get a degree in Environmental/Occupational Safety and Health Technology which I am still slowly working on. Now, these two things are nowhere near close together. So how I ended up going for OSHA I'm not sure of. Anywho, back to the polish! Now as I said, I loved it as a child and then basically forgot about it. Well, late last year of 2011 I seen Sally Hansen crackle polish, and that is where the obsession began again. So, since the beginning of this year I had maybe 10 olllllllld bottles of polish, and now, I have almost 400. Wowzers! And I usually just post all the designs and polish swatches on my Facebook, but I decided I will attempt doing it with blogging! So bare with me please! Sorry for this long intro!

PS. I'll try to be postings some pictures of my polish later tonight hopefully!