Monday, April 8, 2013

L.A. Colors Flash Pop!! Review/Swatches

Hello lovelies!!! Today I have a some awesome new polish from L.A. Colors to show you! They were kind enough to send these to me to review! I am super impressed with these, so I am extremely excited to show them to you.So I'll quit rambling (for now!) and get to the swatches of them!

For all the polishes I used 2 coats of the base color, and 1-2 coats of the glitter topcoat. And then I sealed it all in with their new Pro-Gel Topcoat!
I have 4 of the new Flash Pop polishes to show you
So Postmodern
Mad Duo
Flaunt It

The new Pro-Gel Topcoat. Let me tell you, so far it's amazing!
 First up we have Expressionism. Base color is a nice hot pink, and the glitter topcoat has micro pink glitter, larger pink hex glitter, then even larger blue hex glitter, along with pink flakies!

 Next is Mad Duo. Base color is coral/peachy-orange, glitter topcoat has micro red glitter, slightly larger pink hex glitter, pink flakies, and gold diamond glitters!

Then we have So Postmodern. Base color is a nice medium aqua blue, glitter topcoat has micro gold glitter, larger blue, gold, and green hex glitters, along with blue flakies.

 And last but not least Flaunt It. Base color is a lime green, glitter topcoat has micro dark green and gold glitter, with gold flakes.

Now, I wanna talk about the Pro-Gel Topcoat, I really love this stuff! It dried pretty quickly, and looked sooo shiny! Kept all the flakies in the glitter down and perfect! Now, onto the Flash Pop! I love them also, they are just so cute together, the glitter combos are amazing! And another thing, the base colors, seem to be a bit jelly-ish, so I'm thinking some awesome jelly sammich with these polishes!! I'll have to try it sometime and put it on my Facebook :). So, what do you think about these? Think you will be adding them to your collections?! Let me know in the comments below!! Hope you enjoyed this, until next time <3


  1. Those glitters in some of them look curled. Is that just reflective curl? Cause I want some of those!

    1. There weren't any that curled on me, so it must just be reflective!

    2. Where do they sell these? I wanna try them!

    3. I will be selling them soon. :)

  2. Love the colors and will have to try that gel top coat. :)

  3. I really enjoyed all of the colors, especially the green. It just seemed to pop off the nail, lol.

  4. Oh loving Mad Duo, how lovely

  5. I've got these in stock. :)

  6. thank you for your review. you were right about the pro gel top coat. it is awesome and it lasts a long time on your nails.