Thursday, April 4, 2013

L.A. Girl Makeup Review/Swatches! Picture heavy!

Hello all my lovelies!! Today I have something different to review for you, it's makeup!! L.A. Girl has sent me some makeup products to give my honest opinion about! I have 3 Color Balms, 2 Mascaras (only showing 1 today) and a Glide Gel Liner!
I'll show you all the products, and then what I think about them!!

L.A. Girl Color Balm
London-Nude, L.A.-Party Pink, and New York-Latte.
 L.A. Girl Super Mega Mascara in Super Black

L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner in Very Black
I will be wearing the Super Mega Mascara and Glide Gel Liner in every picture, and different Color Balms in some, I will state which Color Balm I am Wearing

I'm wearing the Color Balm London-Nude here.

 Color Balm London-Nude

Color Balm L.A.-Party Pink
 Color Balm New York-Latte

So. Let me just say it is really hard for me to find any kind of lip product that doesn't make my lips tingle and burn, and these Color Balms did not hurt me at all! They feel super silky on, and the colors aren't overly powerful! Now, the Super Mega Mascara is super nice, it evened out my eyelashes, didn't clump them into bunches like a lot of other have done to me. It spread them nice and evenly, love it! And the Glide Gel Liner, went on super smooth with barely any effort! Usually, when I wear eyeliner, it starts kind of falling down and leaving smears beneath my eye, you know what I mean? Makes it look like I haven't slept in 3 weeks. Within an hour of any other eyeliner I've used it does that, and I've been wearing this one for several hours and it hasn't smudged one bit, therefor this is my new favorite eyeliner!! So overall, as you can tell from above, I'm in love with these products!! You can find these products at and