Thursday, August 27, 2015

China Glaze The Great Outdoors! Swatches and Review!

Hey everyone! Long time no see huh?! Well I'm back!! And today I have The Great Outdoors collection by China Glaze to share with you! 
Swatches down below with the color description, ect!

Cabin Fever; "Pink to copper duo chrome"
2 coats plus top coat. 

I this was my favorite, I loved the duo chrome colors, and application was great.

Change Your Altitude; "Pebble greige creme"
2 coats plus top coat.

No application issues, and I love the neutral color. 

Check Out The Silver Fox; "Metallic Gunmetal Grey"
2 coats plus top coat.

I'm a sucker for any type of silver, and application was fantastic. 

Free Bear Hugs; "Deep black red creme"
2 coats plus top coat.

And I'm a sucker for dark vampy colors, absolutely loved this one. No issues either.

Gone Glamping; "Gold to green duo chrome"
3 coats plus top coat

Gorgeous color, no issues here either. 

Lets Dew It; "Multi Dimensional blue gray glitter"
1 coat over Change Your Altitude plus top coat.

I love this glitter, it has a purple shimmer to it also, but super hard to photograph. I think it could be opaque in 3 coats. 

My Lodge Or Your?; "Natural mauve creme"
2 coats plus top coat. 

Beautiful neutral color, no issues. 

Pondering; "Deep amethyst duo chrome"
2 coats plus top coat.

Beautiful color, no issues either. 

S'More Fun; "Adventurous lemon lime creme"
3 coats plus top coat. 

This one is unique and gorgeous, but application was tricky. Needed 3 coats and each coat pulled some of the other polish away, so I suggest doing a thicker last coat very gently. 

Sleeping Under The Stars; " Dark blue with stardust shimmer"
2 coats plus top coat. Easy 1 coater though, but I always do 2.

I love this one, but after it's on the nail it's hard to see that gorgeous purple/pink shimmer, it almost just disappears. But application was flawless. 

Take A Hike; "Rich mossy green creme"
2 coats plus top coat. Easy 1 coater though, but I always do 2. 

I'm a sucker for any dark/murky green polish. Application was flawless also. 

Wood You Wanna?; " Rich brown burgundy metallic"
2 coats plus top coat. 

Love love love this one. The color is beyond gorgeous. Application was great also. 

Overall I think this is a very great collection. It has a nice variety of polishes and finishes. Metallics, glitter, cremes, and duo chromes. What more could you want?! Overall application was perfect. I think the colors are lovely, and very unique also. I would suggest picking this collection up if you see it! 

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Samples were sent for honest review. All opinions are my own, for more information please see my disclosure policy.