Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fing'rs Prints Girlie Glam Press On Nails review

Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing something a tad bit different for you. Press On Nails! These press on nails come from Fing'rs, and to be honest they are quite cute! So lets get straight into it!

Fing'rs Prints Girlie Glam - On The Dot

Sorry, the case came broken, no biggie though. As you can see there are 3 different nail designs, all using the same colors (black and minty blue/green) and the same concept; dots. It comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, 2 charms, and 6 adhesive tabs for the charms. However, my pack did not have the adhesive tabs with them :(. So I used a small dab of gel, sat the charm in it, and cured in my LED lamp. 

Here they are on my nails. I barely have any nails on my right have (pictured), so these were perfect for my right hand. These would not fit on my left hand though since my nails are long on that hand. When applying these, you must start at your cuticle like the instructions state. Otherwise, if you start from the front and push back, like I use to do with other press on nails that I used actual glue with these will NOT move backwards lol, once the adhesive hits your nail, it's stuck there. I ruined a few nails out of this pack by doing that. 

Here you can see one of my concerns. The nail doesn't fit my oddly one side curved thumbnail. I really don't blame the press on nails for this, it's just an issue with this particular nail, only half of it is curved lol. 

To be honest, I use to wear fake nails all the time before I grew my nails out (at least on my left hand) and I loved them. But I also got into the nasty habit of ripping them off instead of removing them correctly and damaging my nails. I am curious how long these will last, considering I used my hands constantly. Therefor, since I just put these babies on, I will be updating this blog post!

Super cute
Easy to use
Quick if in a hurry

Doesn't fit all nail types

To be Determined;
Ease of removal?
How long will they last?! 

Keep a watch for the update!

Samples were sent for a honest review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy!


  1. these are really cute! i think your nails look great, even on your right hand that's shorter, i think the length is really nice still :)

  2. These are cute! I may have to pick up a set! I'm currently wearing Kiss imPress press-ons due to a bad break on my swatching hand. It's my first time wearing falsies, and I kind of like it! I have the same problem with the curvature of my nails - my ring and pinky nails are super curved compared to the false nail.

  3. I love the designs on these! I took a bunch of photos of them when I saw them in stores and I'm hoping to just freehand them. All my nails are curvy so they don't work really well for me haha.