Saturday, December 7, 2013

Red Carpet Manicure "A Touch Of Bling" Review/Swatches, Gel Polish

Hey ya'll! So I was sent two kits from Red Carpet Manicure from their limited edition sets, called A Touch Of Bling.

How I did this post is a little different. I did a design on my right hand with the polishes, took photo's of the swatches on a nail wheel, then did some designs on my other thumb and photographed it. I will also be posting updates on here when  get a chip or anything. Let's get straight into it!

 The first set has Looking Like A Million Bucks, and Dripping In Luxury.

The second set has Sapphire & Ice, and 9 Inch Heels.

Here are the swatches, they have 2 coats.
Sapphire & Ice, 9 Inch Heels, Looking Like A Million Bucks, and Dripping In Luxury. 

And I just did a simple polka dot designs, using Dripping In Luxury as my base color, I did 3 coats. Then used the other 3 colors to do the dots.

 And here I did some dry marble designs as requested with the gel.

 And this was just a random design lol.

Now, on the back of the box the instructions state to cure for 2 mins if using a UV light, maybe mine isn't as strong as others but I had to do 3-4 minutes. Also, when removing the tacky layer, color was coming off with it, I am not sure if it's normal or not. But so far my overall thoughts are good with this product, I am on day 2 of wearing the design I did and I haven't had any chips at all so far. As I stated earlier, I will update this periodically until the gel either comes off, or I remove it.

Right now I've seen these kits on to order, here is the link, and they are listed at $9.99 each.

What do you think of these?! Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask!


  1. Very pretty colors and I love all the nail art you did!

  2. Great job and great colors. I might have to look for them. I love using gel polish but I haven't tried RCM yet although I do have a bottle of it in my stash.

  3. awesome nail art i love it thanks for sharing .