Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jordana Texture Nail Polish

Hellllllllo lovelies! I recently purchased the Jordana texture polish. I seen it on a few months ago, but it always said "out of stock". So upon emailing Jordana themselves, I learned that their Texture polish was only available Internationally at the time. So I was sad :(. A few weeks ago I noticed it was finally IN STOCK! I was sooo happy, and broke haha. But last week I was able to finally order it! And now I will show you the swatches!

Here are the bottle shots (kinda a crappy pic, but I was too lazy to redo it!)
Top Left-Right - Feisty Fuchsia and Rowdy Red
Bottom Left-Right - Wild Shore, Stormy Gray, Yellow Madness, and Raging Purple

Now onto the swatches! Each swatch has 2 coats of polish, and NO topcoat! :D

Rowdy Red

 Feisty Fuchsia

 Raging Purple

 Wild Shore

 Stormy Gray

 Yellow Madness (fave!)

Annnd a quick lil polka dot design I did with all the polishes, nothing fancy :p

So, I love these, opaque in 2 coats, they dried really quick also which is always a plus! These retail for $2.99 on Cherry Culture's website, I will put the direct link Here. Let me know what you think of these in the comments, are you obsessed with texture polish like I am?!?


  1. I love Stormy Grey and Rowdy Red! Cute swatches :D

  2. I currently have all of those (except Rowdy Red and Raging Purple) in my Cherry Culture shopping cart right now (and the only reason I don't have the red and purple there is because they're dupes of Milani's textured polishes, and I own Tainted in Red and Purple Streak already.