Sunday, October 10, 2021

L.A. Girl Gel Glow Collection!

Hey everyone! Today I have the ENTIRE L.A. Girl Gel Glow polishes to show you just in time for Halloween! This collection has 7 colors that all glow in blacklight! 

First up we have VAMP BLOOD which is totally accurate to the color!

       Then we have RATED R, this spooky black is totally RATED R!

       We also have POTION MIST, perfect for your poisonous potions!

    Next up is PHANTASMA, lovely ghostly white!

   Next is LED GLARE over PHANTASMA, seems radioactive to me!

 Can't forget about FLICKERING FLAME, it definitely caught me on fire!

   And last but not least EERIE GLOW over PHANTASMA, verrrrry EERIE!

        And that concludes the swatches to the NEW L.A.Girl Glow Collection, just in time for HALLOWEEN!

You can find these at select CVS Pharmacy stores!

Thanks for reading & looking! 

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