Wednesday, April 24, 2013

L.A. Girl D.I.Y. Nail Kit review/swatches (pic heavy)

Hey everyone! Today I have a really cute L.A. Girl D.I.Y. Nail Kit to show you today! The kit contains 4 mini polishes, nail art brush, and nail stickers! On the packaging itself, it shows D.I.Y. Zebra, Marble, Chevron, and Leopard print ideas! And inside the box you will find your nail art brush, stickers, instructions which also have directions to do the Zebra, Marble, Chevron, Leopard, and Polka Dot art!
Now lets get to the box contents!
Here are the 4 sides to the box!

 The contents of the box
 And the polishes!
Ready to see the designs from the gorgeous polishes?!?!?!
Thumb has zebra print, index has the dry marble, middle has the leopard, ring has the chevron (finger could only fit one sticker with it still looking normal!) and pinky has the polka dots!

So, I really do love this kit, the colors in them work for wonderfully together!! And the polish goes on smooth, dries fast also! My only concern was the Chevron stickers, I originally used 2, but after removing them I barely had any of my base color left, that is why I went with using just 1, they seem a bit large to me. But then again, I've never used chevron stickers before, or even free handed it, I still think it came out super cute!!! So what do ya'll think of this?! Would your purchase it?! Keep an eye out on my facebook page, there just might be a giveaway in the near future for one of these kits!!!! Hope you enjoyed this, until next time <3

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